Ladislava Gaziova’s posters

I love her paintings and it was a pleasure to print one of hers Ladia is working mostly with stencils and spray paint, her creation feel deeply fragile. watch an interesting … Lire la suite

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the baby can now leave the house! here i hope you like it also, soon!!!!! blez’s (from CAP ) mega cool poster man!

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preview: Woofer Takeover Jubilee by André Lemos

great! i’m finished with the printing, well, maybe i’ll add an info page or something, but the book is pretty much done now… here’s a preview of the book, remember … Lire la suite

février 26, 2012 · 4 Commentaires

André Lemos

ahhhhhhhh 🙂 only 2 more layers left and the last book will be completed. the book is gonna be 50 pages, all silkscreen! i’ve been working for a long long … Lire la suite

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